Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Heart Health

Hey folks…..

Here is something that isn’t all about triathlons but it does have something to do with healthy living.
Last week I lost 2 friends due to heart attacks. Both men were about my age. One was pretty active and the other not so much but that doesn’t seem to matter much now. Both guys will be missed by friends and families and it makes me think about all of you out there training your butts off for your next event.
The point of this blog post is that it really doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or your health status, a heart attack can happen to almost anyone. I am letting you know this because you should all make sure you are in good heart health and you do this by seeing your doctor.
Personally, I am in great health and I exercise very regularly but believe it or not I have high cholesterol. I eat very well but that still doesn’t do the trick and I have to take meds to keep it under control.

In closing….. we are all rock stars but there are some things we can’t control without the help of your doctor. Make sure you get regular check ups, exercise regularly and eat healthy.

Coach Logan

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